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One-Million-Dollar Fishing Lure

Would You Fish With A One-Million-Dollar Lure?


Mac McBurney and Lure

MacDaddy's Fishing Lures owner Mac McBurney holds his million dollar fishing lure.

2006 Ronnie Garrison licensed to About.com
Every fisherman has lost a favorite lure while fishing. Fish take some, snags take many more and tackle malfunction can mean other lures you can not recover.

How would you feel if the lure on the end of your line was a one-million-dollar fishing lure?

Mac McBurney knows. After a very successful career as a jeweler he turned to his favorite sport, fishing, to keep him busy. But unlike many other retirees, he did it with a twist. He makes extremely expensive lures with his MacDaddy Fishing Lure Company.

For several years he has made 24 carat gold spoons, flies with jewel eyes, and diamond encrusted lures. From the relatively inexpensive $20 spoons that are engraved #1 Dad, #1 Son and similar messages to his signature diamond and ruby encrusted one-million-dollar saltwater lure he makes a lure for anyone'w budget.

Mac says he is going to use the million-dollar lure to fish in a saltwater tournament in October. He knows he might lose the gold and platiumn lure with 4753 diamonds and rubies totaling 100 carats. While filming for a TV show he lost four of his flies with jewel eyes. They were worth about $13,000! When divers found two of them and offered to give them back, he reportedly said "I lost them, you found them, they are yours."

I met Mac at at a recent outdoor sports writers' conference, and he is very excited about fishing, his business and sharing stories. He really didn't seem insane.

At the conference Mac said he had made eight of the million-dollar lures and sold seven of them. He stays busy showing his lures at shows and conferences, fishing with them and filling orders.

His less expensive lures make great gifts for fishermen, and if you know that special fisherman that is hard to buy for because he has everything, I bet Mac can provide something he does not have!

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