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Fishing A Bucktail Jig

Ode To A Bucktail Jig


Bucktail jigs have long been known to be an excellent bait. They will often catch fish when nothing else works. Jim Pope make Grandaddy Bucktails and has supplied me with them for my own use and to give away in contests here. Jim, saltwater guide Ron Brooks and I fished at Lake Wedowee and he showed me how effective they can be.

Bucktails are simple baits - a lead head with deer hair tied to them. They look like a minnow in the water and every fish that eats minnows will hit them. They can be fished at any depth if you choose the right weight head, and can be made just about any size to match different baitfish the fish you are after are eating.

On a trip last week I again found how effective bucktails can be. Fishing with guide Jeff Hughes at Carters Lake while working on a Georgia Outdoor News article, we fished for three hours without catching a fish. I tied on one of Jim's jigs and soon caught a solid 2 pound spot. A little later I landed another spot between 3.5 and 4 pounds. Jeff was asking for some of those jigs by that time! If you get the Outdoor Channel the program showing our trip should be broadcast in a couple of weeks, and the story about it will be in the October Georgia Outdoor News.

Give bucktails a try. No matter what you fish for, bucktails will catch fish for you.

Do you use bucktails? What is your favorite? Tell me about it by posting in the comments section on the blog or visit the forum.

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