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The Secret fishing Weapon is finally here!!

Secret Weapon Lures of Brentwood, TN is now a sponsor of American Bass


Secret Weapon Lures of Brentwood, TN is now a sponsor of American Bass Anglers.

Secret Weapon will be the premiere spinnerbait on the market by spring, and now the anglers fishing ABA will gain a serious advantage over their competition”, said David Hagood, VP, American Bass Anglers. The approach of these spinnerbaits is not only unique, but they catch more fish with more vibration. The angler now has a quick, easy method to completely change their Secret Weapon spinnerbait’s look, vibration and flash. It is the ultimate spinnerbait because in the past we always had to change out what spinnerbait we needed to use. That took time, but now we simply can adjust in seconds without tools”, Hagood continued.

“In the past couple of years, we’ve created quite a stir in the Midsouth region of the U.S. Our growth in sales has come from anglers who tried our spinnerbaits and proved their value on the water—and then told their buddies,” says Joe Haubenreich, President of Secret Weapon Lures. “Now we want to see our buzzbaits and spinnerbaits tied on the lines of the best bass anglers across the U.S. We believe ABA is the organization that can help us do that”.

“Ours was the first significant reengineering of spinnerbaits since their inception 50 years ago. The design improvements are immediately obvious to anyone who uses them,” Haubenreich said. “Secret Weapon Lures feature interchangeable, in-line spinner blade attachments to create a vibration unlike any conventional, swivel-mounted spinnerbait. The redesigned lures attract more strikes and deliver a higher hit-to-hookup ratio than do conventional spinnerbaits and buzzbaits. Quick-change blade assemblies give better value and increase the versatility of these lures, and the in-line blade attachments produce marked improvements in lure performance, too”.

Spinnerbaits are among the most effective fishing lures in an angler’s tacklebox. This company took that great lure and made it even better. Free-floating, in-line blades improve tracking and reduce rollover on rapid retrieves. Blade attachments clear the hook point on strikes, unlike the frame and blades of first-generation spinnerbaits that actually interfere with hook-ups. On the drop, Secret Weapon spinnerbaits remain horizontal, and not just one but all blades rotate freely. The angles and length of the stainless wire frame produce more solid hookups and improve casting accuracy and distance.

“Anglers know that to catch more fish, you have to adapt your presentation to their moods and fishing conditions. We give them better tools to do that,” said Haubenreich.

At the 2005 ABA National Championship, contenders at registration, Sunday October 2, will add either a Secret Weapon Spinnerbait or a Secret Weapon Buzzbait to their tournament arsenal. Big Bass at the championship typically pays over $4,000 per day and has paid over $5,000 a day. Will it come from a Secret Weapon Spinnerbait or Buzzbait? The odds are now in that favor dramatically.

Secret Weapon is also presenting awards to the ABA Military and Non Military Service Teams. 7 top finishers from each service team -- 35 anglers -- will be rewarded with Secret Weapon ProPacks, starter kits, or buzzbaits and mini-kits.

In 2006, ABA anglers who participate in the Secret Weapon Pro Rewards program will receive premium lure packs for first place divisional finishes. Divisional winners will qualify for monthly drawings for monthly cash prizes of $500. All active ABA members also qualify for special discounts on Secret Weapon lures and components.

About Secret Weapon

Secret Weapon Lures manufactures premium, high-performance spinnerbaits and buzzbaits. Their lures, made in America’s heartland, were conceived on the clear rivers of Missouri and have been honed and field-tested, and daily prove their worth on lakes and rivers across the U.S. To learn more about Secret Weapon Lures, visit secretweaponlures.com or call toll free 866-44-LURES. About American Bass Anglers

American Bass Anglers is the largest tournament trail in the world offering over 1,000 tournaments a year designed for the weekend angler and collegiate anglers. American Bass Anglers provide low cost, close to home tournaments for the weekend angler with a huge national championship the same season. For more information on American Bass Anglers visit www.americanbassanglers.com or call the weekend angler hotline toll free at 888-203-6222

American Bass Anglers is sponsored by: Triton Boats, Mercury Marine, Lowrance, Berkley, Diamond Cut Jeans, Gander Mountain, Secret Weapon Lures, ProBass Networks, Anglers Advantage Insurance Program, Motor Guide, Bill Heard Chevrolet, Trilene, and Bayou Outdoors.

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