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Lure Hype on TV

Should You Buy Lures From TV Ads?


Have you got your Banjo Minnow yet? You can cast it with your Pocket Fisherman and if the fish won't hit it, you can try the Tornado Lure or Flying Lure. And if all else fails, there is always the Helicopter Lure.

If you watch fishing shows on TV, you have seen all the above, and much more, advertised over and over. People are always shown catching fish after fish with the hyped tackle. And it is usually guaranteed to work. All you have to do is order it and start catching fish just like the folks on the TV set.

There is no doubt all the stuff advertised will catch fish. The Banjo Lure is much like many other twitch lures sold in stores. The Tornado is a special spinnerbait with a different kind of blade and the Flying Lure is a jig with a flat head. The Pocket Fisherman is not like any other rod and reel I am familiar with except the Traveler, the new incarnation of the carry anywhere fishing outfit.

The tackle pushed on TV as guaranteed to catch fish is not much different from regular tackle. Most manufacturers don't go to the extent these special tackle producers do to hype their product, but most are around a good bit longer.

All tackle is made to catch fishermen more so than fish. The pretty colors are for people, not pisces. Any kind of lure will catch fish under some conditions. A Banjo Lure will work but so would a banjo pick on a hook, under the right conditions.

Keep the above in mind when looking at lure advertisements. Just remember this was written by someone with so much tackle in his 20 foot bass boat you can't walk from the front to the back for all of the stuff I carry. If I ever catch a fish on a particular lure, I will buy three or four more. Then, if I see them on sale, I usually buy a couple of spares. That is why I have boxes of lures, spinnerbaits and soft plastics stacked in my garage. I try to carry two of everything in the boat and leave the other six exact copies at home.

A couple of years ago I was using three colors of Zoom lizards a lot. I bought hundred packs of each of them. I still catch fish on those colors, but the hundred packs stay in the garage and I carry about a dozen of each color in the boat. When I bought the hundred packs I forgot I had already bought several regular packs, so I am badly overstocked! I will always have some in the boat and use them, but it will take years to use them up.

Buy lots of lures. Enjoy using them. They will all catch fish. But remember, just because someone catches a fish on TV does not mean you will be able to do the same. It sure is fun trying, though.

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