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Do Fish Bait Attractants Work

Why Use Fish Bait Attractants


JJs Magic

JJs Magic

2011 JJs Magic licensed to About.com
I like to use fish bait attractants on my baits. Using them might make the difference between catching that one more bass that will win the tournament, or not getting it. I have been using them for years and have made my own in the past. Now you can get all kinds on the market, from spray on to gels that stick to your bait better. You can also get devices to hold the scent to make dipping your bait easier, and special products to hold the scent on or near your bait.

Roger Brown, The Bass Coach, shares his method for using scents while saving money. That would work, but I still like dipping mine or spraying them with the attractant.

Most pro fishermen endorse a line of bait scents and use them in tournaments. If they did not work they would not waste their time using them. Since most of them use the same basics - salt, garlic or anise oil - any of them should work.

The Power Bait line of worms carries this a set further. The bait is made of processed fish products that are supposed to smell and taste like food to the fish. They stink to me, but the fish do seem to like them.

I especially like the worm dyes that also contain garlic like JJs Magic. I die my worm tails chartruese in almost all cases, and I like adding garlic at the same time. Either it helps make the fish bite, or it helps my confidence, which is almost as good.

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