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Top 8 Tackle Box Things You Need In Your Fishing Tackle Box


Every time you go fishing you need some things in your tackle box to make your fishing easier and better. These items are usually tools that help you fish but the list is varied. I don't leave home without all of these things in my fishing tackle box.

1. Needlenose Pliers

Needlenose pliers are needed for taking hooks out of fish - and you at times. They usually have cutters that will clip line and even hooks if necessary. You can mash splitshot, crimp leaders and do a wide varitey of jobs with needlenose pliers.

2. Knife

Get a good stainless steel knife that won't rust. One with big sharp blade can be used for cutting bait, opening cans of sardines, cutting line and all the other things that need cutting while fishing. You can clean or filet fish with one and some come with a fish scaling blade. Some also have a hook disgorger on the end of the scaling blade.

3. File

A file will help you keep hooks sharp and even sharpen your knife. A small flat file or a triangle file work best for me. Some folks also carry a small whetstone but I think a file is more versitile.

4. Toilet Paper

If you need it, you need it and nothing else is a very good substitute. Put some in a ziploc bag to keep it dry and be sure you have enough! It also comes in handy from lots of other uses from starting a fire to wiping sun screen out of your eyes.

5. Sunscreen

Too many fishermen get skin cancer - keep some with you and put it on before going out in the sun. Then use it to add more during the day as you sweat it off or wash it off while catching fish.

6. Asprin

A headache can ruin a fishing trip. Carry a few of your favorite pain killers in a film cannister for emergency use. Also carry other meds you might need.

7. Fingernail Clippers

Great for clipping line, some also have a small file that will sharpen hooks in an emergency if you lose your file.

8. Cigarette Lighter

You never know when you might need a fire, but a lighter will also melt plastic worms to repair damage if you run out of the only color they are hitting and also melts the ends of nylon rope to keep it from fraying.
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