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Top 10 Expensive Christmas Fishing Gifts


Want to really impress the fisherman on your gift list? Here are some gifts that will set you back more than $25 and some are much more. For the fisherman that is worth the extra expense.

1. Million Dollar Fishing Lure

For the fisherman that has everything - a one-million dollar fishing lure. If that is a little high for your budget, McDaddy's Lures also offers engraved spoons from $20 and other fishing lures that can be used as jewerly.

2. Redhead Gortex Rainsuit

I got a RedHead Gor-Tex rainsuit this year and really like it. It is lightweight, soft and comfortable. The full suit lists for about about $225 - you can buy pants and jackets one at a time.
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3. Ardent Bait Casting Reel

The only reel made in the US, it is one of the smoothest, longest casting reels I have ever tried. I made a few casts with one this fall at an outdoor writers meeting and was very impressed. The reel lists for $250. Spinning reels will be available soon.
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4. Gustbuster Umbrella

Umbrellas tend to turn in side out when the wind blows. The Gustbuster will not in winds up to 60 mph. I tried one out at a recent outdoor writers meeting and was impressed with how well it held up. Carry one with you when fishing and you can even use it while the boat is moving.
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5. Setyr Fishing Rods

Quality fishing rods made in the US, these rods are made for a variety of applications. You can find one that suits your needs. They come with a lifetime warrenty.

6. Porcupine Fish Attractor

These pvc fish attractors come in several sizes and can be placed in any depth water. They will last as long as you do and you can not get hung in them while fishing them, but the fish love them for cover. Endorsed by Bill Dance.
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7. Sunbuster Sunglasses

This company makes interesting sunglasses that are popular with golfers and shooters. The frame comes with a variety of different colored lenses you can change for different needs. They would be great for bed fishermen. You can even get prescription lens inserts.

8. Denver Sting Stopper

This product will stop insect stings immediately. You can order directly but there is a minimum order of $19.95 plus shipping, so it really is less than $25 total. Order enough to give some to several people.

9. All Star Rods

All Star Rods come in a variety of styles and types. They have a good warrenty and are well made. I have a soft jerkbait rod I really like for a variety of baits and a shorter rod that is good for crankbaits.

10. Pfleuger Baitcasting Reels

I have two Pfleuger baitcasting reels - the President and the Trion models. Both are excellent reels that are great for pitching and casting light lures. So far they have held up well - one is almost two years old, the other almost a year old. I put a lot of wear on a reel and have been pleased with these two. The Trion is about $100 and the President is about $125.
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