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Top 10 Fishing Christmas Gifts


The fisherman on you Christmas gift list would love any of these items, and they won't break your budget. They are good gifts for fishermen any time of the year.

1. Gerber Triode Headlamp

The Gerber Triode Headlamp is a great fishing accessory for those early morning preparations and a necessity if you fish at night. It allows you to use your hands while focusing a light right where you need it, where you look.

2. ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellant System

The ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellant System is a small device that releases a repellant that keeps those pesky bugs away. It works well when you are fishing from the bank but will work in your boat, too.
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3. The Quest and The Quarry

Althought "The Quest And The Quarry" is more of a hunting book, anyone who loves the outdoors will like this book about growing up on the Misssissippi Delta and the importance of the outdoors and family to the people in the book.

4. TTI Standout Dropshot Hook Kit

A drop shot system that has worked well for me is the TTI Standout Dropshot Hook and the Mojo Dropshot Leads. The hooks make it easy to tie the hook to your line correctly, the weights attach to the line easily, and come off with a hard pull to keep you from breaking your line every time you get hung. These 52 piece bass hook kits are on sale for $9.95.

5. DMT Diafold Diamond Whetstone

Sharpen your hooks and your filet knife with one of these excellent whetstones. Therea are a variety to choose from that cost less than $20.
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6. Stanley Jigs and Spinnerbaits

Stanley has made excellent jigs and spinnerbaits for many years. They are high quality and catch fish. Choose jigs at $2.69 or spinnerbaits at $5.99 - you can get several of each or a combination of the two for less than $25. Great stocking stuffers - choose a variety of colors.
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7. Mann's Soft Plastic Baits and Crankbaits

The Mann Bait Company became famous many years ago for its Jelly Worms. Its Hard Nose Baits are its latest innovation. They also have some great looking crankbaits. Get a variety of both for stocking stuffers.
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8. Punisher Jigs

Punisher Jigs are made near Dale Hollow and these hair jigs are excellent for smallmouth. They also catch spotted bass and largemouth,too. For less than $25 you can get several jigs in different colors.
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9. The Everything Fishing Book

Disclaimer - I wrote this book, but I do not get any commissions on it. I was paid up front. I still think it is a pretty good book, especially for the beginner fisherman. You can get copies as lows as $2,95 and full price is only $14.95.

10. Trilene Fishing Line

Trilene makes a varitey of kinds and test of fishing line. Big Game is very popular with bass fishermen and it is not expensive. You can get 330 yard spools for less than $10 so you can give a couple of spools in different test, or give a bulk spool if you know what kind your favorite fisherman likes best.
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