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Guide Picks - Top 7 Tough Monofilament Fishing Lines
Monofilament lines come in a variety of colors, sizes and strengths. It is usually cheaper than other types of lines and works well in a variety of fishing conditions. These lines have special coatings or designs that keep them from cutting or wearing on objects as easily as other mono lines. They are usually best for heavy cover and have less stretch because they are thicker.
1) Trilene XT Monofilament Fishing Line
Trilene XT is a very tough, abrasion resistant line. It is somewhat stiff and works best on casting
reels, and is excellent for flipping and pitching to heavy cover. This line holds knots well and does not slip. It has limited stretch due to its thick diameter but is not as invisible as thinner lines.

2) Stren Original Monofilament Fishing Line
The line I used for many years. It is tough, holds knots well and casts acceptably. This line comes in clear or clear blue, green and gold for visibility or stealth, whichever you need. It is a good all around line that is abrasion resistant and has relatively little stretch.

3) Stren Super Tough Monofilament Fishing Line
Tougher then Original Stren, this line is more abrasion resistant and has more strength but less stretch. It is somewhat stiffer so is better suited for baitcasting reels. It is a thick line, too.

4) Bass Pro Shops Excel Trophy
A favorite of many because it is relatively cheap, Excel has a hard finish and relatively small diameter. It resists abrasion well and holds knots without slipping. It comes in clear only.

Manufacturer's Site
5) Remington Express Monofilament Fishing Line
A fairly new line on the market from the gun and bullet folks, this line is tough, has a relatively small diameter and comes in clear only. It also has a low memory, something other tough lines often have problems with.

6) Rapala Tough Monofilament Fishing Line
With good abrasion resistance, this line from the folks best known for lures has been out for a short time. It has good shock strength and holds knots well.

7) Ande Monofilament Fishing Line
A very popular saltwater line, Ande comes in two types, abrasion resistant that is stronger than the stated test and tournament grade that will break at the stated test. For a record in a line class the tournament grade is a must.

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