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Ultralight Fishing

Catching Bowfin and Bass on Ultralight Fishing Gear

By Shawn

Shawn With Eight Pound Bowfin

Shawn caught this eight pound bowfin on an ultralight outfit.

2006 Shawn licensed to About.com
I have two ultra light stories. I have been ultra light fishing since I was a kid always enjoyed the thrill of the fight.

I just started fishing again since moving to Raleigh NC. I decide to get some new gear and after reading a few articles decided to try Pfluegers President series ultra light reel matched with a Quest light action 5’ 6" rod.

At first I was having a problem with line being broke. For some reason carp in the pond I frequented were grabbing my line. This got me to using braid. Started with fireline and now I’m using Suffix performance braid 10lbs test.

I love braid especially with an ultra light. It has helped me to land my two largest fish on an ultra light so far. A 5lb 15oz largemouth which gave me a great fight even on braid.

Recently I’ve found a new fish to fish for…the bowfin. A really tough fish that is usually caught by accident by bass fisherman. But because e of the great fight I have started fishing exclusively for them.

While fishing for them several weeks ago I snagged one the actually straightened out my Gamakatsu #1 worm hook. So I moved to a #2/0 on a pumpkin tube and this landed my best fight yet with and 8lbs bowfin. A great fight that lasted about 4 minutes. I had the drag set light and was so busy fighting the fish I didn’t even think to tighten down on the drag.

The suffix is great because those bowfin have teeth and can do a number on your line but as you can see from the pictures it got me my 5 lbs 15 oz bass and 8lb bowfin.

Well that’s my experience with ultra light. I’m looking forward to hearing about more ultra light fishing adventures from you.

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