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Tip Up Jig Head

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Tip Up Jig Head

The design of this modified mushroom jig head makes it turn the worm up when you tighten your line.

2007 W-3 Tackle licensed to About.com

The Bottom Line

This jig head gives a worm excellent action and is a quality jig for bass fishing. The design makes the jig turn the worm up so it stands off the bottom when you tighten up your line It works well with either four or six inch worms.


  • Design makes jig tip up the worm when you tighten your line
  • Very sharp strong hooks
  • Colors or unpainted lead heads


  • No spike or spring to attach worm head


  • Modified Mushroom Style Jig Head
  • Sharp Mustad Black Nickle Hooks
  • Jig Heads Come in Three Colors

Guide Review - Tip Up Jig Head

I have had good luck using the W-3 Tackle Tip-Up Jig Head. In the first tournament using it I placed third with four bass and I caught three of them, including big fish for the tournament, on the Tip-Up Jig Head. I wish it had a spike or spring to attach the head of the worm rather than having to slide it on the hook shaft.

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