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Sufix Fishing Line

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Sufix Fishing Line

Sufix Fishing Line

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The Bottom Line

I have been buying Sufix line for several years and have several reels spooled with it. It works well under a variety of conditions where you want to use monofilament line.
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  • Very tough line
  • Holds up well under use
  • Flexible line
  • Reasonable price
  • Low visibility in the water


  • Hard to find
  • Hard to see when you need to watch your line


  • Variety of styles and kinds of line
  • Monofilament is strong but limp
  • Holds up will while using - very abrasion resistant
  • Stays limp in cold weather
  • Disappears in the water
  • Relatively inexpensive - can buy bulk spools

Guide Review - Sufix Fishing Line

I heard about Sufix line on a newsgroup and gave it a try. I used it to win the North Woods Classic in Wisconsin this past year, placed fourth last year and was second four years ago. All but one of my fish in those three tournaments were caught on 14 pound test Sufix while pitching a Senko around lily pads. I did not lose a fish. <p> I also won a club tournament in January 2007 throwing a Yozuri crankbait on the same Sufix 14 pound line. It stayed limp enough to use in the cold weather. I had a 5.6 pound largemouth grab the bait as I lifted it out of the water. With less than two feet of line out, I managed to land the bass. The line held up. <p> Sufix comes in a varitey of styles and colors. I like the Elite in Camo color. It is hard to see if you need to watch your line but it is hard for the fish to see, too. That is very important to me. <p> Sufix is reasonably priced and you can order it on-line. Bass Pro Shops also carry it but it is sometimes hard to find at smaller stores.
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