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Sheffield Lock-Back Pocket Knife

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The Sheffield Lock Blade Pocket Knife makes a good  fishing knife

The Sheffield Lock Blade Pocket Knife makes a good fishing knife

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The Bottom Line

The Sheffield Lock-Back Pocket Knife is lighweight and very sharp. It is quality made with stainless steel and aluminum, making it an excellent fishing knife. The new knife was very tight and stiff but should become easier to use with age. The clip on lanyard is a nice touch for fishermen.
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  • Light-weight Aluminum Handle
  • Sharp Stainless Steel Blade Locks In Place
  • Blad Is Half Straight Edge, Half Serrated
  • Comes With Detachable Lanyard
  • Includes D-Ring Holder


  • Hard To Open With One Hand
  • Clip Is Tight and Hard To Release


  • Lock back 2 1/8 inch blade with spring blade release
  • Designed for one hand opening
  • Lighweight and made of stainless steel and aluminum
  • Comes with quick release clip on lanyard and D-Ring
  • Blade has both straight and serrated sections for a variety of uses and is very sharp.
  • Reasonable price

Guide Review - Sheffield Lock-Back Pocket Knife

I was sent a Sheffield Lock-Back Pocket Knife to test and review. The knife is lightweight and well made. The aluminum handle and stainless steel blade that locks in place when open make it and excellent fishing knife. The blade is very sharp and has a serrated and straight section on the 2 1/8 inch blade.

This knife comes with a quick release clip on lanyard and a D-Ring for attaching it to fishing vests or belts. The blade has a thumb bar to make it open with one hand. Both features are excellent on fishing knives but I found both to be very stiff and hard to operate. I could not open the blade with one hand but the knife is small. With use it might loosen up and be easier to use.

This knife is inexpensive and should hold up well since it is made of quality materials. It would be very useful for a wide range of needs while fishing.

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