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Secret Weapon Sidearm Spinnerbait

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


Secret Weapon Spinnerbaits Side Arm Bait

This is a picture of the new Secret Weapon Spinnerbaits Side Arm Bait

2007 Secret Weapon Spinnerbaits licensed to About.com

The Bottom Line

If you need a quality spinnerbait with lots of flash that will stay shallow on a very slow retrieve, this is an excellent bait.


  • Works at very slow retrieve
  • Stays high in water column at slow retrieve rates
  • Bait has unusual arrangement for attaching blades to arms
  • Quality made bait with quality parts
  • Easy to change blades and adapt to changing conditions


  • Difficult to find in stores
  • Blades can kink and cause problems


  • Dual arm spinnerbait
  • Blades are on an innovative connection system
  • You can change blades quickly
  • Good variety of skirt colors
  • This bait quickly converts from a dual arm double blade bait to a shingle blade short arm spinnerbait.

Guide Review - Secret Weapon Sidearm Spinnerbait

I got a prototype of this bait last fall and really liked the way it worked at a very slow retrieve. I used it some in Wisconsin and it is great fishing above grass beds. It has a lot of flash and stays shallow for such a large bait. My first trip back in Georgia the Sidearm was still tied on a rod and I caught a nice keeper spotted bass at Lake Allatoona on a rocky point on it so it works in a wide varitey of situations.

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