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Abu Garcia Revo Reel

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Abu-Garcio Revo Bait Casting Reel

Abu-Garcio Revo Bait Casting Reel

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The Bottom Line

The Revo reel series from Abu Garcia is an excellent series of reels. From the lower end STX to the top of the line Toro all reels are smooth, hold up well and hold plenty of line for most applications. I am very happy with the two I have been using for a couple of years.
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  • Low profile reel
  • Very smooth
  • Holds up well
  • High line capacity
  • Range of prices


  • Toro is very expensive


  • Low profile bait casting reels
  • Series includes low end reels at $100 and top end at $280
  • High line capacity for strong running fish
  • Quality reels that hold up under heavy use
  • Very smooth casting reels
  • Good drag system

Guide Review - Abu Garcia Revo Reel

I purchased two Abu Garcia Revo reels at Georgia Outdoor Writers Association auctions over the past few years. One is the top of the line Toro and one is the lower end STX. Both are excellent reels that hold up well under heavy use.

I use the STX teamed with a All Star rod and throw topwater baits and crankbaits with it. I landed a 8 pound, 13 ounce bass on this outfit in a club tournament. For the past two years I have used this reel on almost every tournament I have fished as well as many other trips and it is still smooth and reliable.

The Toro is on a St. Croix rod and I use it for jig head worms. I have been using this reel a lot over the past few yesrs and it also holds up well. It is even smoother than the STX and is a great reel for pitching baits.

Abu Garcia has a reputation for holding up over time and these reels promise to continue that tradition.

Any reel in the Revo series would be a good choice. Pick the one that fits your budget.

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