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Megabass Vision One Ten Jerkbait

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The second bass I caught on this Megabass Vision One Ten Jerkbait broke the bill.

The second bass I caught on this Megabass Vision One Ten Jerkbait broke the bill. Note the unusual hooks with barbs on the outside.

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The Bottom Line

I bought four Megabass Vision One Ten jerkbaits online for $24.99 each. Several pro fishermen had reccomended them to me as having unbeatable action. The first time I fished one I caugh two spotted bass, one about 2.5 pounds and one about 2 pounds. The second fish broke the bill off this expensive bait. I will use the other three but I doubt I will be buying any more.
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  • Great action
  • Good colors


  • Very fragile
  • Very expensive
  • Hard to find


  • Japanese bait - Excellent action
  • Good flash in the water
  • BB system that goes to the back when you cast and roll to the front to make the lure sit nose down on retreive
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Cost $25 or more each
  • Bill breaks off easily
  • Unusual hooks with the barb on the outside

Guide Review - Megabass Vision One Ten Jerkbait

While working on magazine articles several pro fishermen reccomended the Megabass Vision One Ten jerkbait, saying they have an action and flash no other jerkbaits have. I ordered four and the total cost was just over $100.00.

The first time I used one of the baits was at Lake Lanier while fishing with Ryan Coleman, a local guide. He was throwing a Pointer jerkbait and asked if I was using a One Ten. When I told him I was he said they have really good action but are fragile.

Ryan caught about ten nice spots that morning on his Pointer. I did catch two on the One Ten but the second one broke the bill off. After that Ryan gave me a Pointer and I caught a 12 pound striper on it.

I doubt I will pay $25 for such a fragile lure again.

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