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IronClads Plastic Baits

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Ironlads Tube Bait

Ironclads Tube Bait

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The Bottom Line

IronClads plastic baits are tough and will last a long time. Fish don't tear them up so you can use the bait over and over. They come in a variety of colors and rigs with spinners and hook methods.


  • Tough bait
  • Pre-rigged baits available
  • Variety of colors
  • Last a long time


  • Not as soft as some plastic baits
  • Hard to find in stores
  • Expensive


  • IronClads plastic baits have a woven fabric inside that makes them very tough.
  • You can get IronClads plastic baits in a wide variety of popular colors
  • IronClads come in packs without hooks so you can rig your own or pre-rigged with hooks in a variety of styles.
  • You can get IronClads with several kinds of spinners in the pre-rigged baits.

Guide Review - IronClads Plastic Baits

IronClads plastic baits are tough - you can't break them. They have some kind of fabric inside that holds the plastic together. This means you can use them over and over and fish don't tear them up. That saves you time you would use rigging new worms on your hook and it also protects the environment from discarded used plastic baits.

IronClads plastic baits more expensive than other plastics but they last a lot longer, too.

IronClads are so new they are hard to find in stores. You can order them online from the manufacturer but even on-line stores don't usually have them.

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