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Invisible Fluorocarbon Swivels from Aquateko

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InvisaSwivel invisible fluorocarbon swivels from Aquateko can be useful in your fishing.

InvisaSwivel invisible fluorocarbon swivels from Aquateko can be useful in your fishing.

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The Bottom Line

The Aqueteko invisible fluorocarbon swivel is an excellent addition to your tackle box since it fills a need in some kinds of fishing.
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  • Invisible in the water
  • Neutral buoyancy
  • Do not corrode
  • Strong as the stated tests indicates
  • Line tie system keeps line straight


  • More expensive than some swivels, but about the same as a quality ball bearing swivel


  • Clear fluorocarbon swivel
  • Comes in different sizes for different strengths
  • Design makes it spin easily stopping line twist
  • Available in packs of different strengths or packs of multiple swivels of same strength

Guide Review - Invisible Fluorocarbon Swivels from Aquateko

An invisible fluorocarbon swivel has many uses for freshwater fishing. Since they are clear and don't shine in the water, toothy critters like Northern Pike won't hit them and cut your line above your bait. And they won't spook line-shy fish that might be turned off by a metal swivel.

Since the invisible fluorocarbon swivel is neutral buoyancy, it will not pull your line down. This can be a benefit if you are fishing a soft jerk bait and don't want it to sink fast. The neutral buoyancy means it won't pull the nose of the bait down, but will let is sink in a natural manner.

One claim made by some is this neutral buoyancy helps when fishing a Carolina Rig, but, since the swivel butts up against the sinker on a Carolina Rig, I do not see the benefit, unless you let the fish "run" with the bait and pull the line through the sinker. I think that is a good way to miss strikes that you would hook if you set the hook as soon as the fish takes the bait.

The swivels come in different pound-test strengths. I tied a 12 pound swivel to 12 pound PLine Fluorocarbon and the line broke before the swivel. With the clear line and swivel, I had a hard time keeping up with the test equipment, it kept disappearing on my desk!

The swivels are expensive, at about a dollar each, so I would not use them unless they were helping in the way I was fishing. That is not more expensive than a good ball bearing steel swivel, so if you use them your cost would not go up to switch and these swivels do not corrode!

The line tie on each end of the swivel is designed so the line will not slip around the tie, and keeps it straight.

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