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TTI - Blakemore Standout Drop Shot Hooks

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Drop Shot Standout Hooks and Mojo Drop Shot Weight

These standout drop shot hooks, one in red, one in black, are by TTI-Blakemore and help make your bait stand out from your line. The Mojo drop shot weight makes it easy to hook up to your line.

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The Bottom Line

This drop shot hook is easy to tie and makes your bait stand out from the line, as advertised. Hooking actions is good and the hooks are sharp. They make drop shotting even easier and seem to attract fish better than other hooks I have tried.


  • Work as advertised
  • Easy to use
  • Come in red and black


  • Not carried in all stores


  • Hook is designed to make your bait stand out from the line
  • Hook is sharp and hook up ratio is good
  • The slightest twitch on your rod makes your drop shot bait wiggle
  • The hooks come in either red or black so you can choose which works best for you

Guide Review - TTI - Blakemore Standout Drop Shot Hooks

I tried these hooks at Lake Martin and they worked well. I liked the way they made the bait stand out from the line and the fish seemed to like it, too. I got bites on this drop shot rig when the fish would not touch a Carolina rig in the same place. They helped me fill my limit.

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