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Sunbuster Sunglasses

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Adaptable Sunbuster Sunglasses

Sunbuster sunglasses come with a set of interchangable lens that allow you to adapt to conditions on the water.

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The Bottom Line

Sunbuster sunglasses come with a set of different colored lens that allow you to change to adapt to any fishing condition. From dark green for bright sunlight to yellow for spotting bass on the bed, you can choose what to use. They are not polarized and that can be a problem at times.


  • Set of interchangable lens allows you to adapt to any conditions
  • Wrap-around style protects eyes from wind and sun
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Reasonable price for set of glasses
  • Prescripton insets available


  • Not available in most stores
  • Not polarized


  • Set of different colored lens are easy to change
  • Wrap-around design protects eyes
  • Lighweight and comfortable to wear
  • Reasonable price for what you get
  • Carrying case protects unused lens in the boat

Guide Review - Sunbuster Sunglasses

I was given a set of Sunbuster sunglasses at an outdoor writers meeting. The glasses are lighweight and comfortable to wear. I found the yellow lens a great help in spotting bass on the bed. The yellow lens makes the bass jump out from the backgound.

Sunbusters were developed for shooters and golfers but they are great for fishermen, too. One set allows you to choose the color lens you need for any fishing condition, and the design protects your eyes from wind and side glare.

I used these glasses all spring and liked them without even realizing they were not polarized. Sunbuster is developing fishing glasses that are polarized and they should be even better.

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