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All Star Medium Action Fast Taper Rod Review

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All Star Rod Handles

All Star Rods Handles

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The Bottom Line

The All Star medium action fast taper rod works well for handling many baits and it is one of my favorites.
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  • Rod is a good action for several kinds of baits
  • Seven foot length helps in casting and fighting fish
  • Guides are smooth and placed well on the rod
  • Rod is light enough to fish without tiring
  • Cork handles are comfortable to fish


  • Not found in all tackle stores


  • Seven foot length
  • Aluminum Oxide guides
  • Cork handles
  • Trigger type handle
  • Black in color
  • Price range less than $75

Guide Review - All Star Medium Action Fast Taper Rod Review

I purchased a medium action fast taper Team All Star Rod and Revo STX reel combo at a Georgia Outdoor Writers Association meeting and it fills several needs in my arsnel of rods and reels. I use it to throw buzz baits, topwater baits like Sammys and Spooks, swim baits, Pulse Jigs and spinnerbaits and it handles them very well. I have caught bass on all those baits on it, including three spotted bass over three pounds each, and its action made casting the baits and landing the fish easier.

The action of this rod works well with the Revo reel and 12 pound Trilene XT Big Game line. I can cast a big bait like the Sammy a long way, important when chasing schooling bass, but it also handles lighter baits like swim baits with quarter ounce heads and three eights ounce spinnerbaits with ease. I have an older All Star Heavy Action Rod with a Pflueger Reel that I use for fishing a jig and pig and a Texas rigged worm on 20 pound test line that is a good fit for those baits.

The rod is fairly heavy in weight but no so heavy it is not a pleasure to fish. The new Revo STX is as smooth as the older one and is a good match for the rod. It would handle heavier line but for what I am using this combo for the 12 pound line is great.

This combo has quickly become a favorite of mine. It is a fairly inexpensive rod for its quality.

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I purchased this rod and reel at a Georgia Outdoor Writers Association auction at a greatly reduced price.

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