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Animal Planet's River Monsters

Time For Season Two of River Monsters


Animal Planet's River Monsters Snakehead

Animal Planet's River Monsters Snakehead

2010 Animal Planet, licensed to About.com
Animal Planet's "River Monsters" series features Jeremy Wade trying to catch a variety of unusual fish. The first episode of Season 2 finds him in Thailand trying to land a huge stingray that lives in the rivers there. These freshwater giant sting rays get up to seven feet wide and 16 feet long, and can weigh up to 1,300 pounds. Known locally as the "wish you were dead" fish because of the terrible pain a stab from one's barb inflicts, fishermen on the river fear them.

I received a preview copy of the first episode and it kept my attention. Although there is a little too much drama for me, it was interesting to learn about the fish, see people who have been injured by it, and watch Jeremy try to land one. It is well worth the time to watch the show, and this one will make you want to see future episodes.

River Monsters can be enjoyed by the entire family, and it may inspire younger viewers to want to take up fishing.

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