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Freshwater Fishing Pictures

List of Freshwater Fishing Pictures


These bass were caught in a tournament

Louie Bartenfield with two big Carter's Lake spots

Tony Hill
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Kids and the Fish They Caught - These young folks are enjoying fishing. Take your kids or grandkids fishing and send in some pictures

Bass Pictures - From small fish to wall hangers, These fishermen are proud of these bass

Sunfish Picture Gallery - Bluegill, redbreast, shellcracker, crappie and other sunfish are here.

Muskie Pictures - Did these fish take 10,000 casts?

Trout Picture Gallery - Check out these pictures of fishermen with the trout they caught and then send in one of your own.

Walter F. George Fish - Fishing with Ronnie Gregory and George McWalters at Eufaula.

Pam Martin-Wells at Lake Seminole - Pam is a professional woman fisherman headquartered at Lake Seminole. Here are some picturs of her bass fishing there.

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Fritz's Birthday Catfish- 8/15/05- Fritz and his birthday catfish

Scott caught these nice bass in July on a Jitterbug- 7/25/05- Scott and July bass

Ryan Bancroft with 6.5 pound bass- 7/19/05- Ryan caught this bass on a golf course lake.

Roger Hartsock with Pike- 7/16/05- Rodger Hartsock and his 36" pike.

Nicolas with eel- 7/16/05- Nicolas caught this eel while fishing in Finland with his son. They took it on a long line, what I call a trotline.

Dennis Doty with Big Flathead- 7/7/05- Dennis and his son caught this big flathead while fishing for crappie.

Dennis Doty with Ohio Bass- 7/7/05- Dennis caught this bass on a whacky rig

Robbie with 61 Pound Flathead- 6/24/05- Robbie got this big flathead catfish in early June

George Arnold with Muskie- 6/10/05- George got this nice muskie while trying out a new rod and reel

Assorted Bass Pictures- 6/1/05- These bass were caught last spring in Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama

Brad Reeves with Longnose Gar- 5/29/05- Brad got this big gar on a flyrod

OJ Diomedi with 7 Pound Ohio Bass- 5/29/05- OJ got this nice bass in Ohio

Alan with 48 Pound South Carolina Cat- 5/23/05- Alan caught this cat at Santee Cooper

Dave Hyatt With Best Bass So Far- 5/23/05- Dave caught this three pound bass, his best so far

Ronnie Garrison With 3.5 Pound Spotted Bass- 5/19/05- I caught this spotted bass at Lake Lanier

Dave Hyatt With Bass- 5/18/05- Dave caught these bass recently

Big Carter's Lake Spotted Bass- 5/11/05- Louie has been catching some big spots at night at Carter's Lake like these two 4 pound plus fish

Seven Pound Oconee Bass- 5/11/05- Tom caught this big Oconee bass on a crankbait in a tournament

Nice Lake Oconee Bass- 3/19/05- Andy caught this nice Oconee bass on a spinnerbait

More Big Florida Bass- 3/19/05- More big bass caught by Dennis Doty and friends in Florida last November

Eleven Pound Georgia Bass- 2/3/05- Ted Larrabee caught this huge Georgia bass on a cold day in January

Big Florida Bass- 2/7/05- Dennis Doty caught this big bass in Florida last November

New Year's Bass- 1/5/05- Tony Hill started the new year right with this 7 pound bass

Bighead Carp- 6/30/04- I caught this bighead carp in Kentucky.

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