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How To Siphon A Fishing Pond


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Picture of the Fishing Pond Siphon
Full View

View of the siphon from the side, showing most of the parts.

Ronnie Garrison
I built my first siphon out of 4 inch thin wall PVC since I had a bunch of it. It worked several times but then the walls collapsed - they pressure was too much for it.

I bought regular 4 inch PVC and it has held up good. Here you can see both siphons side by side. I glued the joints with PVC cement after priming them, but also taped each joint with duct tape to make it stronger.

For my pond I needed 7 sections of 10 foot PVC, two caps, two 45 degree angles, and two tees. The total cost was just over $100.

You could use smaller pipe but it would drain water more slowly. It would be easier to handle and cheaper, though.

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