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How To Siphon A Fishing Pond


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My Old Fishing Pond Full Of Water
View of Docksite with Pond Full

I caught this bluegill while standing on the bank where I wanted to build a dock.

Ronnie Garrison
I needed to get the water level down in one of my small ponds so I could build a dock. Here is how I bult a siphon system out of PVC, with pictures.

The old drain pipe had rusted off and was letting a trickle of water through. The pond dropped a couple of feet each summer but overflowed most of the year. I needed a way to get the water down and keep it low while I built a dock.

This picture shows the full pond from the bank where I wanted to build the dock. The bluegill is one I caught there - the pond is full of them and I feed them most every day.

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