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Snakehead Fish Movies

Movies About Snakehead Fish


Bullseye Snakehead Fish

This is what a Bullseye Snakehead fish looks like

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Snakehead fish are a problem in waters where they are not native, but the movies made about them have ranged from funny to silly. Some snakehead fish movies show them much bigger then any snakehead has ever grown, some show them reproducing at an unreal rate and others show them turning man-eaters. Watch these movies the same way your would watch a movie about a man turning into a werewolf.

  • Night of the Snakehead released in 2003 was the first response to news of snakehead fish being found in Maryland. In this one some kids go camping and run into herds of snakeheads.

  • Snakehead Terror released in 2004 has a plot of snakehead fish growing to huge sizes and developing the ability to travel on land from chemicals used in the local lake. They terrorize the neighborhood, eating everything in the water and on land, including people. In the end, do they solve the problem?

  • Swarm of the Snakehead released in 2006 is another silly thriller about genetically engineered snakehead fish terrorizing a town. This one is more funny that scary.

These three are the ones I could find - I have not watched all of any of them. Started a few but decided I would rather go fishing!

If you know of others please let me know.

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