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Pond Fishing

Fishing In A Pond A Fun Way To Catch Fish


When Jim Berry carried me fishing at a farm pond near Griffin, I got a treat. It had been years since I had fished from the bank and waded the shallows like we did. We caught a bunch of bass, too!

I grew up wading and fishing small farm ponds close enough to my house to visit on my bike. One Christmas, the only two presents I asked for were the biggest tackle box made and a bicycle basket big enough to hold it. With my rod and reel across the handle bars, my fishing rig was always ready.

I spent thousands of hours at ponds named after their owners - Harrison's, Black's, Rodgers', Eubank's and many others. All had their own personality and I developed different ways to fish each. One thing in common to all was the need to get wet while fishing. I always waded, often up to my neck, to get to better fishing spots.

Ponds are still a great place to catch fish. Jim and I caught at least a dozen keeper size bass in less than three hours on our trip. I caught all mine on a top water Rapala. Some hit while it was twitched on top, others hit as I reeled it in just under the surface. Jim caught all his on a buzz bait. The bass were extremely shallow, often hitting right on the bank.

I like to fish ponds with a fairly light rod so I get a better fight from the bass that hit. You do run the chance of loosing a big bass with a light outfit in a pond, though. There are some real monster bass in most farm ponds and there is also usually plenty of cover for them to tangle you in. If it is a hog you are after, use big baits and heavy equipment. Don't expect too many strikes, but hang on when you get one!

If you have access to a pond, you are able to enjoy some of the best fishing available. Bass are not the only fish you can catch, bream and catfish can also fill your stringer. If you have a child, take them to a pond and let them catch some bream or cats. It is easier, and they can really get hooked on fishing. Summer vacation is the perfect time to spend some precious hours with them in an activity you all will enjoy.

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