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Jim Moynagh's Fishing Christmas Gifts Suggestions

Jim Moynagh Picks Christmas Gifts For Fishermen


Jim Moynagh with two big smallmouth bass at weigh-in

Jim Moynagh with two big smallmouth bass at weigh-in

2008 Jim Moynagh, licensed to About.com
Jim Moynagh offers the following Christmas gifts for fishermen as things every fisherman on your list would love.

  • A hand held digital compass: What better tool to have as your outdoor enthusiast navigates the great outdoors? With digital technology for increased accuracy and a longer battery life, a hand held digital compass is the perfect travel companion for any outdoor adventure.

  • A quality sleeping bag: There is nothing worse than sleeping in a bag in the wilderness and being cold. Choosing a high-end sleeping bag for your outdoorsman or woman is vital to any successful expedition. High-end bags typically have a water-and wind-resistant shell and a down or synthetic filling.

  • An outdoor survival kit: No outdoor enthusiast would leave on any trip without being fully prepared and tools for survival in tow. Typical items to include to ensure your adventurers stay safe in the wilderness are non-perishable food, water, a flashlight with batteries, rope, knife, duct tape and a radio.

  • BP gift cards: Let's face it, in today's economy simply getting to the great outdoors to enjoy your favorite hobby can get expensive. Not only does a BP gift card help put a little more gas in a loved one's tank, but it sends the thoughtful message that "this outdoors trip is spouse, friend or family approved!" In fact, in a recent survey of more than 1,000 adults, more than 50 percent of respondents said a gift card for gasoline would be the most practical of all the above holiday gifts to receive this year.

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