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Boyd Duckett Profile

Articles and Information on Boyd Duckett


Boyd Duckett and His Triton Boat

Boyd Duckett and His Triton Boat

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Boyd Duckett

Boyd Duckett is a professional bass fisherman. He won the 2007 Bassmasters Classic and set a record that year for most money won in a single year with total winnings of $860,000. That put him in the million dollar club of professional fishermen who have won over $1,000,000 in their career. Boyd fishes the Bassmasters Elite Series and is sponsored by Triton Boats, Mercury Berkley, Carrot Stik Rods and Motor Guide

Some of the articles below are from The Duckett Exchange, a monthly column about competitive fishing written by Boyd Duckett, a former Bassmaster Classic champion and all-time BASS single-season earnings leader. Duckett is also a successful businessman - the owner of Southern Tank Leasing, an Alabama-based company with terminals all over the Southeast and Midwest - and a sought-after public speaker. His column is distributed monthly. See his blog site at www.boydduckett.com.

Information on and articles by Boyd Duckett:

  • Art and Science of Fishing

    Boyd Duckett says fishing is both art and science, and gives some ways to use both to help you in tournaments.

  • Fishing Luck

    Boyd Duckett says professional bass fishermen don't rely on luck to catch bass. Luck can not explain how the top pros seem to always do well in tournaments.

  • Elite Series Angler Disqualified

    At the Bassmasters Elite Series tournament on Lake Guntersville one of the pros was disqualified for the rest of the season. This is a very unusual action for BASS to take. Here is Boyd's take on what happened.

  • Tough Fishing Days

    Boyd talks about tough fishing days and how your actions can actually make them worse. Why do they happen? Boyd tries to come up with an answer.

  • Pitching For Bass

    Boyd won the 2007 Bassmasters Classic by pitching a Little Chigger Craw. In this article he explains why pitching is good, what to use and where to find bass. Do you pitch baits for bass? These tips may help you.

  • Key Elements of Tournament Fishing

    Boyd says there are key elements of bass tournament fishing and relates how each has affected him in specific tournaments. He also knows how some of them affect other professional bass fishermen. If you are a tournament fisherman or want to be one, his thoughts will help you. In fact, they will help you in any kind of competition.

  • Five Factors Bassmasters Classic Contenders Must Face

    Boyd discusses factors all Bassmasters Classic contenders must face and says Kim Bain, the first female contender, will have to over come even more distractions than other competitors.

  • The PAA Steps Up In Tough Times

    Boyd tells how the economy has caused cutbacks in tournament fishing and how the PAA is stepping up to help protect tournament fishing.

  • Boyd Duckett's Tips On Saving Money On Fishing Trips

    Boyd starts by going over some of the problems the bad economy is causing fishing and fishermen and then offers some ways you can save money on your fishing trips.

  • Fishing Lake Demopolis With Boyd Duckett

    I got a chance to spend the day fishing with Boyd Duckett on his home lake, Demopolis, in Alabama. He is a great fisherman and interesting person. Here are some of my thoughts on the day I spent with him.

  • Catching Bass In November

    Boyd says November is a great time to catch bass and he details where to catch them and the best baits to use.

  • Boyd Duckett Picture Gallery

    Pictures of Boyd on Lake Demopolis in Alabama.

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