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Reasons You Are Not Catching Fish

Why you are not catching fish


I can always come up with a bunch of reasons I am not catching fish.

1. Fish Are Not Biting

When you fish hard and don't catch anything, it is easy to say they are not biting. But fishing tournaments prove this is not a valid reason. At weigh-in someone always has fish, so they were biting on something, somewhere.

2. A Cold Front Turned The Fish Off

Cold fronts do affect fish but there are still ways to catch them. You can use smaller baits, go deeper, fish tight to cover and fish slower.

3. It Is Too Windy Or Not Windy Enough

Wind can be your friend or your enemy. If it is blowing too hard to fish effectively or control your boat it can hurt. But wind can position baitfish and the fish you are trying to catch, so wind can be your friend. It can also help you drift areas quietly. It all depends on wind strength. If there is no wind, use baits that are better in calm conditions, like finesse baits and topwater plugs.

4. It Is Too Hot

It can be so hot fishing is not fun, but the fish still have to eat. You can beat the heat by fishing at night, finding shade to fish, dressing right and even going swimming to cool off.

5. It Is Too Cold

Fish are cold blooded so temperature affects you in different ways than if affects the fish. But unless the water is frozen solid, fish have to eat. Ice fishing proves you can catch fish no matter how cold the water gets. Fish slowly, use small bait and fish deep when the water is cold.

6. There Is Too Much Boat Traffic

Boat traffic can be dangerous, and it can make fishing uncomfortable. But it can actually make fish bite. Waves created by passing boats stir up baitfish and confuse them, making them easy targets and turning on fish. Sometimes waves crashing into docks, grassbeds and other cover make the bass and other fish feed.

7. I Do Not Have The Right Bait

There is a well known secret - baits are made to catch fishermen, not fish. Any bait you use, within reason, will catch fish. You can't use a topwater bait when the water is 35 degrees and expect to catch many bass, but most baits will work most of the time if you just use it. But carry a good selection of baits to choose from so you will have confidence in what you are using.

8. I Am Fishing The Wrong Place

Move. If in a boat change areas of the lake and types of cover you are fishing. If fishing from the bank try another area or another fishing spot. Complaining about being in the wrong spot won't help.

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