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Top 10 Freshwater Fishing Games


These fishing games vary a lot. Some are free, some cost you, some you can play online. Online fishing games are fun, free fishing games are great but the best fishing games usually cost you some money. A new game called Flick Sport Fishing on the iPhone is very hot right now, too.


Sixth version of this most popular bass fishing game. Bass Pro Shops and Vivendi teamed up to produce this game that is fairly realistic for the experienced bass fisherman and the bass fishing novice.
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2. Survivor Africa Fishing Game

Free online fishing game - very simple game - you choose your "survior" and use the space bar to cast, work your lure and land the fish.

3. Phishtech Real World Fly Fishing

Fly fishing for a variety of species. Very realistic pictures. The site has a preview and some screen shots.

4. Mark Davis Pro Bass Fishing Game

Arcade style fishing game from Natsume for Nintendo, you can fish in tournaments that follow official schedules and rules.
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5. Nokia Creatures of the Deep Mobile Angler

A variety of freshwater and saltwater fish, critters and stuff to catch. Compete in online tournaments.

6. Fish Expert

Not really a fishing game but similar and it should help you in real world fishing. Put in conditions where you are going fishing and this software will give you tips on catching fish where you are going.

7. Bigmouth 3-D Online Fishing Game

Join the group fishing online for largemouth bass and more. Have to wait through an advertisement while it downloads. Sample the game or buy the full version.

8. Adventure Fishing

Go fishing in South Africa in causual or trophy mode. Download directly from the vendor's site or try the demo version.

9. Trophy Fishing Online

You have to register and the site is somewhat confusing. It is free, though, and you can compete with others. There are some things for sale, too.

10. Fly Sim Fishing Game

Download a free version of the game or buy the full version if you like what you see. Several new destinations added.

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