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This sign on Lake Hartwell is funny even if unintentional. I took it while practicing for a tournament.

2011 Ronnie Garrison, licensed to About.com
Sometimes, maybe often times, fishing is humorous. There are a lot of funny things about fishing. Sometimes signs are funny on purpose, other times situations make them funny.

While practicing for a tournament at Lake Hartwell I got near a dock and saw this sign. I am sure the name on the paddle is the home owners name but the hornets building a nest beside it made it very appropriate - and funny.

At Lake Seminole at Wingates Lunker Lodge a picture of a bass on the restroom is cute. But a lizard taking refuge under it made if funny, if appropriate, since bass like to eat lizards.

I have taken pictures of myself with tiny fish - making fun of myself and my fishing abilities. Sometimes pictures like that hurt!

Do you have any fishing humor pictures? Send them to me at fishing@aboutguide.com to post here. The gallery of them should give many of us a chuckle.

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