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An Outdoor State Of Mind

About.com Rating 5 Star Rating


An Outdoor State Of Mind by Richard Simms

This book by Richard Simms is a collection of his outdoor stories.

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The Bottom Line

Richard Simms is a well known writer and outdoor personality in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. His collection of outdoor stories will make you feel like you are with him experiencing what he is writing about.


  • Well written book by Richard Simms
  • Richard Simms is involved in outdoor sports he writes about
  • Richard Simms can put you there in the outdoors with his words
  • Book is available in both paperback and hardcover
  • Book can be ordered directly from author


  • Hard to find in bookstores


  • Collection of outdoor stories
  • Written by Richard Simms
  • Author is an award winning writer
  • Book comes in either hard or soft cover
  • Book can be ordered online from the Author

Guide Review - An Outdoor State Of Mind

Richard Simms has won many awards for his outdoor writing, photography and TV Show. His collection of outdoor stories will make you feel like you are there and is a very enjoyable read.

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