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Top 8 Fishing Inventions


Many inventions and advancements over the years have made a huge difference in the way you fish. These are some of the most important.

1. Electric Motors

Electric motors changed the way we fish. They have been around for many years now and most fishermen don't remember the days of rowing and paddling when fishing. Now everyone in the boat can fish, back then someone had to man the paddles. You can position your fishing boat exactly where you want it and keep it there, even when fishing by yourself.

2. Monofilament Line

Monofilament line replaced line that you had to dry after each fishing trip. It last a long time compared to all older lines and costs less, too. It works in a wide range of fishing applications.

3. Free Spool Baitcasting Reels

Few fishermen remember "knuckle busting" baitcasting reels. Before the days of free spool reels, the handle turned on the cast. Those reels backlashed much worse then modern reels and really would bust your knuckles. Free spool reels opened up baitcasting to many fishermen that would never have learned to use the older kinds.

4. Spin Cast Reels

Spin Cast or closed face reels were cheap, easy to use and introduced many younger kids to fishing. They were so much easier to use than any other kind of reel that sales sky rocketed when they were introduced and made Zebco a national fishing company. By being so easy to use younger fishermen could start a lifetime of fishing.

5. Electonic Depthfinders

Before electronic depthfinders knowing the bottom contours where fish live was a guessing game helped by sounding devices like weights on strings. Now hidden structure and cover is revealed with a glance to what has become a necessary item on every boat.

6. GPS

A GPS is a relatively new fishing invention but many fishermen would not be without one. You can find your way around a new lake or river, get back home even in the fog or dark, and go right back to a brush pile you found years ago.

7. Fiberglass Rods

Fiberglass rods replaced steel and bamboo rods. They were cheaper, easier to maintain and use and opened up fishing for many people. Newer graphite rods still have a lot of fiberglass in them and are a developement fiberglass rods made possible.

8. Bass Boats

Bass boats were designed for fishing and made fishing more comfortable. Their design has been used for almost all kinds of fishing boats now and is constantly being improved. They allow fishermen to spend many hours on the water in comfort.

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