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Facts About Fish and Fishing

Use the fact and information about fish and fishing on this page to understand your sport better.

What Are Trash Fish?
What are trash fish, how do you catch them and can you eat them?

Characteristics of Fluorocarbon Fishing Line
Fluorocarbon fishing line has its good characteristics and some bad ones, too.

Yellow Perch Fact Sheet
Information about yellow perch

Muskie Facts
Information and pictures of muskie

Are Freshwater Drum Good To Eat?
Donna says freshwater drum are underrated and are good to eat.

Silver Carp Information
Silver carp are one species of the Asian carp species that are causing problems in the United States

Threadfin Shad Information
Information about threadfin shad

Why Do Fish Have Curved Backbones
Pictures and information about why some fish have curved spines

Pictures of Deformed Fish
Pictures of fish with deformities

Red Piranha
Pictures and information about the red piranha

Piranha Pictures
Pictures of Red Piranha and fishing for them with a handline.

Fishing Inventions
These inventions have made a huge difference for your fishing.

Shellcracker facts.

Blueback Herring and Effects on Freshwater Fishing
Here are some facts about blueback herring and how they affect fishing in fresh water.

What Do You Think of Red Hooks, Red Line and Red Gill Flashes Poll
Vote your opinion in this poll on the "red" fad.

Scientists Challenge Snakehead Myths
Snakehead Problem Overstated?

Flipping Is Most Productive Fishing Technique For Third Straight Year
Bassfan.com surveys the tournaments and finds flipping is the most productive fishing technique for the third straight year

Fish Kills in Ponds
Great info on fish kills in ponds, from the Alabama DNR

Fishing Shad - All About This Fishing Baitfish
Information about shad, from the Alabama DNR

Fish Kill in Ponds
A lot of my fish died in a fish kill in my pond due to low oxygen content.

In-Fisherman Professional Walleye Trail Tournaments
Make 2002 your year to fish and have fun as a walleye tournament pro or amateur. Follow the action of North America's premier walleye tournament circuit.

Oregon Magazine Outdoor Section
State magazine that includes an Outdoor Section - changes monthly - April issue on Mudbug Season and much more!

Fishes of Minnesota Quiz
Interesting quiz - test your knowledge of fish in Minnesota.

Badger Fisherman's League, 
Conservation organization in Wisconsin with fishing reports, projects information and contests.

Fishing During A Locust or Cicada Hatch
A Locust or Cicada hatch makes for some interesting fishing

Oklahoma Fishing Resources
Fishing reports, information on angler awards program and more.

In-Fisherman Best Fishing Times
Check the best time to go fishing -- based on the Solunar Tables

Choosing Fishing Line
Guide Steve Huber wrote this article for Lake-link.com. It is a good guide to choosing a fishing line that fits your needs.

Minnesota Anglers League
Tournament schedule and other info about this group

Drawings and info about these Dobson Fly larvae - they are great bait!

Reef Ball Foundation
An international environmental nonprofit group. Mission is to help restore our world's ocean ecosystems and to emphasize and protect our natural reef systems through preservation, technology, and innovative public education opportunities, and community involvement.

River Day in Oregon
Oakridge River Day on the Middle Fork of the Upper Willamette River is Saturday, May 19, 2001. Nice shot of the river on this site!

Fish America
Invest today in sportsfishing's tomorrow" - visit this site for more info.

Zebra Mussels
An amazing map that changes to show spread from 1988 to 1999 of these pests. Need Shockwave to see it.

Fishing @ Weekends
Places to go fishing places near Wolverhampton West Midlands UK

Will I See Snapping Turtles and Soft Shell Turtles While Fishing?
You will see many turtles while fishing

Fishing tournaments, tales and jokes, surveys and more

Fishing Polls
Answering fishing poll questions and seeing how you compare can be fun.

Fish Kills in Ponds
Info from the Alabama DNR on what to look for and possible solutions.

So What Good is a Shad, Anyway?
Great info about this popular bait fish, from the Alabama DNR

Carp Waters
A Carp Anglers guide to, day, season and holiday ticket Carp Fisheries through-out England, Europe and the World.

Plan your outdoors trip - easy planner on this site.

Fishing reports for lakes in Washington State

Santa At The Lake
Fishing during the holidays has always been a favorite of mine.

UK Fishing with Darren Keen
Clubs and day ticket waters 

Northeast Fishing
From World Wide Angler - includes salt and fresh water.

Fishing News
From Worldwide Angler.com

Freshwater Fishing
Articles from Worldwide Angler.com about freshwater fishing

Freshwater Fishing
Main page from Worldwide Angler for all kinds of freshwater fishing.

Get Outdoors
Find your dream fishing vacation. Put in what kind of vacation you want, how much you want to spend and where you want to go and get some trips that are available.

The Canadian Coast Guard has passed new regulations requiring all boaters to have a Pleasure Craft Operator card to operate a powerboat and this site would be very useful to them. It allows them to obtain their card online.

Fishing Information Network
A site to "help promote the sport, but more importantly to act as a place where fisherman can meet and discuss the sport."

Angling and Camping in the USA
 An Internet informational resource for Fishing, Camping, Weather and Outdoor Recreational Activities across the USA. 

Michael and Keiko's web site
Fishing and travel from some of their trips.

Info about this outdoor television show.

Lake Michigan Angler
Weather reports, fishing reports and more!

Tyler Texas Fishing
Info on fishing in the Tyler area, from your About.com guide

Fish and Wildlife in Rhode Island
Everything you want to know about fishing in Rhode Island, from your About.com Guide

Fishing And Boating in South Carolina
From your Greenville, SC About.com guide, lots of good info

Fishing And Boating Resources in South Carolina
Annotated links to fishing info

Fishing for Serenity
From your About.com Guide. Imagine escaping from your hectic daily routine for one afternoon to a locale of peace and tranquility

Fish South America
Lots of great fishing links for South America, from your About.com guide

Northern Ontario Fishing

Anglers' Net
Articles from professional writers and lots of other info from this UK site.

Australian Fishing
From Australian Sportfishing Consultants, good info from stories to seasonal charts.

Canada's Virtual North
They say they are "Your Passageway to Outdoor Adventures and Wilderness Recreation"

Altairs Page
One of the best personal pages I have found - I really enjoyed reading about his youth as he learned to fish. Also, info on fresh and saltwater fishing.

Fishing info for Tennessee and Florida - both saltwater and freshwater.

Aquatic Plants
Excellent listing of illegal aquatic plants with pictures. Text explains how and why these plants become problems. From the South Carolina DNR.

Australian Fish Species
Click on the species, get info on the fish

Antique Fishing
Buy, sell, swap, trade or just get info about antique fishing tackle. A must for the collector, interesting to any fisherman

Bait Recipes
From Lakes On-Line, bait recipes for several species

Australia's giant perch that live in both salt and fresh water. Info about this great game fish.

Become a Better Tournament Fisherman
The top twenty things you can do to become a better bass tournament fisherman. Should work for all species!

Mostly commercial fish raising info, interesting topics inlcude fish diseases and alligator farming!

Blue River Hunting and Fishing
Lots of info about Oklahoma hunting and fishing

From fishing boats to yachts, info for the boat owner.

California Delta Visitors Bureau
Information on fishing and other outdoor activities

Colorado Guide
Comprehensive database of recreational trails, parks, campgrounds, lakes in Colorado.

Conversion Chart
Length to weight conversion chart for Striped Bass and Bluefish

Dr. Dan's Fishing Predictor
Program to calculate the best time to go fishing, based on sun and moon positions and tides.

Site for English speaking expatriates - fishing section has links and books.

Fintastic Fish Mounts
Mount a fish you released? FFM will make you a replica from measurements and a snapshot that will let you release your trophy and hang it on the wall too!

Fish Field Guide
Find out information about your favorite species in the fishing field guide

Fishing in the Southeast
From World Wide Angler - freshwater and saltwater

Fishing Pal
How to tie knots - clickable links to show you how to tie several knots.

Fishing Reports from Fishing.com
Click on the country or state for up to date info.

Fishing the Coast
Orgeon and Washington fishing, from charters to fishing reports.

Fishing with Rangerrob
Fishing diary with pictures, about west coast trips.

Fishnhunt's Fishing Record and Award Page
The Fishing Records and Awards Page from Texas, all the information to set your own World, State, and Lake Fishing Records.

Fish Stories
Reader submitted stories, with pictures

Flathead Lake
Located in Montana between Kalispell and Polson, this is the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi. It is renowned for its fishing

Fun and Fishing in New Jersey
Good info on fishing and other activities.

Bob Bertaut Sr.shares castnet secrets, like adding extra weight.

Connecticut Valley Worm Farm
Lots of info about worms!

Cypress Cove Marina Fish Stories
Pictures and some info from this Louisanna marina. Many are saltwater but there are some bass mixed in.

Deepwater Tips from Buck Perry
The father of structure fishing with his spoonplugs gives tips on catching fish in deep water.

Eastern Sierra Fishing
Angler's Guide to fishing the Eastern Sierra Waters of California. Current fishing conditions, a complete guide to the high country lakes and other useful information.

Fisherman's Heaven
The self-proclaimed "humorous alternative to uptight, over-serious fishing magazines." Start with their "Fish of the Month" and enjoy a slightly off-set view of fishing. A definite "Best of the Net" choice.

Fish Expert
Download an "intelligent data base" that will supply you with fishing methods and patterns based on your type of fishing. If you like it, buy it.

Gotta love a site that uses my favorite quote "if you caught fish every time you went, it would be called catching, not fishing!" Lots of good info on fishing in Kentucky at this site

Fishing Kids in France
Interesting site if you read French! Put together by some kids in a school class.

Online magazine for salt and freshwater fishing in the UK

Fish Ontario
They claim to provide "Everything you need to know about fishing in Ontario."

Lake Fork Information
From guides to marinas, lots of good info

Freshwater Fish in Danger?
Check out this article showing how we may be losing native fish and other aquatic species.

Go Fish!ing
Florida largemouth and peacock bass info. I like his comment - where there is water, there may be fish. Where there may be fish, there will be fishermen!

Great Lakes Charter Association
Educational site for activities in and around the Great Lakes, offering a Free Sportfishing Charter.

Great Lakes Stocking Report
Report on the conference with pros and cons on stocking, and other info.

HFSN Outdoors
Pictures, information and guides for several species worldwide

Hooking Fishermen
Why do fishing lures have such unusual names? Sacramento Bee outdoors writer Gary Voet talks with tackle manufacturers about their products' names.

Global Positioning System
What is GPS, how it works and how to pick one for fishing, from Lowrance

Idaho Fishing
Includes weekly fishing reports, articles on specific lakes, reservoirs, and river systems in their Idaho Rod & Reel online quarterly magazine, species information, relevant links, regional lists of accommodations, lodges, outfitters and guides, Idaho products for sale, list of Idaho fishing organizations, plus a news page dealing with fishing issues, and events.

Idaho Fish-n-Hunt
Up-to-date fishing and hunting information about Idaho, from Idaho by Idahoans.

Fishing info from Washington and Orgeon

Inslide Tackle
Walleye tips, contests, free L-Serine testing, walleye tackle, downloads, walleye links.

Johns Fishing and Hunting Page
Good pictures of a variety of fish John, his wife and friends have caught. Also a very nice bow buck!

KaBeeLo Lodge
Canadian Shield Lake fishing for walleye, northern pike, white fish, perch and lake trout.

Kirby Minnow Traps
Glass jug traps great for spottail minnows

Knot Software
Check out this page for a knot screen saver and demo on how to tie knots. It you like the software, order it.

Jug Fishing Info
"I provide a free guide to building what I call the "BEST JUGS ON THE LAKE"."

Lake Maps
Check out lake maps available for the state you are interested in fishing. Just click on the state shown on the US map.

Livebait Technology Tips
Info on keeping your bait alive, from this "wholesale only" dealer

Missouri Trout
Fishing the Missouri Trout Parks

North American Native Fishes Association
"Dedicated to the enjoyment, study and and conservation of native fish."

Outdoor Connection
Lots of fishing trips all over North America from this company that promises to take care of all the details when you decide where you want to go.

People Eating Tasty Animals
Great site for those who oppose the animal rights flakes. If you think animal rights folks are kind and nice, read the hate mail generated by making fun of them.

Rocky Mountain National Park
Visitor's Center for this park, with fishing information available.

Small Stream Fly Fishing
One for the fly fishermen, lots of info about small streams in the western US.

Southeast Pond Management
Manage your "liquid assets" with their help

Solunar Tables
Lots of good info about the theory behind the tables, how they work and samples.  You have to pay to get the tables from them, though.

Stop Wildlife Crime in Canada
A toll free number to contact to report poachers in Canada. Protect your fish and wildlife.

Chapter two of a book on sturgeon, giving the history of both white and green sturgeon. From Orphanage Press Outdoors.

Sturgeon Species
Listing of species with common name, scientific name and where found, from Don Larson

Tackle Suggestions for Mexico
Westside Lodge tells you what tackle to bring for fishing at Laguna Tortuga, Mexico.

Texas Sportfishing.com
Find a place to fish or hunt in the Lone Star State.

Lake Texoma
Information about Lake Texoma and that area

Tight Lines Guide Service
Nova Scotia guide service that specializes in flyfishing and teaching flyfishing.

Tony Dean Outdoors
Information on his fishing show as well as fishing reports

Hank Parker's favorite lakes, you can order a kit that includes maps, tips, gps coordinates and more of these lakes.

Trophy Converter
Conversion charts for Bass, Crappie, Walleye and Muskie or Northern

TVA Lake Info
Lake levels and water flow info for TVA lakes and river they are on

Unique & Strange Fishing Devices
". From hook-setting bobbers to mechanical lures, check out these unusual fishing items.

Vancouver Island Abound Outdoors Pages
Info for planning a fishing trip to Vancouver Island

Vermont Fish & Wildlife
Info from the state agency on fishing in Vermont, including news releases.

Virginia Fishing Reports
Delores Farmer's fishing report page - submit yours and read others

Washington Statewide Fishing Reports
Get reports for lake fishing from the state of Washington

Wet -A-Line.com
Fishing tours in a variety of countries for several species.

Weather, Tides & Marine Data:

Click on a county, find info on where to fish there.

World of Fishing News
Fishing news brought to you by Skeeter Boats.

Freshwater fishing info, from fishing India to the lures that have won the most BASS tournaments

Fall Turnover and Its Effects on Fishing
What is fall turn-over and how does it affect your fishing?

Blobs of Jelly In Freshwater
Blobs of jelly in freshwater is actually colonies of Bryozoans

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