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Catching Crappie

Methods for Catching Crappie


Ronnie Garrison With Crappie

I caught this 13 ounce crappie in my pond on a jig.

2006 Ronnie Garrison licensed to About.com
Crappie fishermen took a note from the bass folks and organized a tournament group. From this, new methods and equipment, from rods (buy direct) to specialized jigs, (buy direct) have been developed. You can get lake reports specifically for crappie on the net and order jigs online. Crappie fishing has reached the same levels as bass, in many ways!

A variety of techniques, from trolling to finding them in overlooked lakes, is available. Articles on spring crappie as well as shallow water techniques will help you catch more. Special pages share three successful catching methods and three rigs to use.

Kids events are being held to introduce the sport to youngsters. Get involved in them and help insure the future of fishing!

Although fishing is slow during the hot summer, you can go at night to beat the heat. Don't wait for winter to go, but you can dream about the cold weather while you sweat and catch them!

Do you fish for crappie? Have any favorite internet sites on fishing for them? Tell me about it. If so, you can also post information about it for others on my message board- you must register to post but can read the board as a guest. Also, if you have thoughts you want to share about this topic, let me know about it at fishing@aboutguide.com. for a "Fishtale."

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