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Top 10 Fish Recipes


Fish are good to eat and good for you, especially if you cook them right. Although I believe in catch and release, I also believe in catch and hot grease. Pick any of these recipes and enjoy.

1. Fried Fish Recipe

Fried fish are taste and frying is probably the most common way to cook them. Dredge a whole panfish or a filet of bass or walleye in meal, drop in hot grease and cook till brown.

2. Wine and Cheese Sauce Fish Recipe

Saute onion and peppers in olive oil, add wine, cheese and sour cream. Cover fish filets with this sauce and bake until filets are done. Very good.

3. Filets Baked with Onions and Bacon Fish Recipe

Cover fish filets from oily fish like stripers, hybrids or bluefishs with onions and bacon, cover and bake for an hour. This fish recipe takes the strong taste out of this kind of fish and is delicious.

4. Filets Microwaved with Picante Sauce Fish Recipe

Place bass, crappie or bluegill filets in a baking dish, cover with picante sauce and nuke in the microwave until filets are white. Unusual way to cook fish but very good, and can't be easier.

5. Filets Baked with Butter and Pepper

Place filets from mild fish like bass or crappie in a microwave dish, salt and pepper to taste, dot with butter and put in the microwave until the fish filets turn white. Add onion and/or garlic powder for a more flavorful taste. Easy and good.

6. Fish Sauteed In Ground Meat Grease

If you cook hamburgers or deer burgers, keep some of the grease and drippings from the meat. Lay filets from mild fish like bass or crappie in the hot grease until the edges turn white. Turn with a spatula then drizzle Italian dressing over them. When filet is white it is done. A different taste that I really like.

7. New England Style Fish Chowder

Simmer chunks of bass or crappie with sauteed onion, butter, and milk for a white fish chowder that is good. Add diced potatoes for a thicker stew.

8. Manhatten Style Fish Stew

Fry bacon then sautee onion in the grease. Crumble bacon and put it and onion in a big pot. Simmer with chunks of fish and diced tomatoes. Add salt and pepper to taste. I really like a hot spicy sauce like Crazy Jerk with this recipe.

9. Grilled Fish Recipes

Gut and scale or filet fish and leave skin on. Lay on medium hot grill with skin side down until fish starts to turn white, brushing with butter. Turn for a few minutes to brown meat side.

10. Canned Carp Fish Recipe

Filet carp and cut into chunks. Put in pint canning jars, add a tablespoon of salt and a tablespoon of cooking oil, put in pressure cooker and cook at 15 pounds of pressure for 90 minutes. Let jars seal. Pressure cooking makes small bones soft. This meat will be like mild canned salmon. Make croquets with fish, cracker crumbs, egg and chopped onion and fry. Great way to cook carp.
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