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Record Bullhead Released?

Wyatt Arnold Says He Released A Huge Bullhead

By Wyatt Arnold

Was this catfish a channel cat or a bullhead?

Was this catfish a channel cat or a bullhead?

2009 Wyatt Arnold, licensed to About.com
Hello My name is Wyatt Arnold and I am 14 years old and have a fish story.

  Well this story has been in the back of my mind for awhile, and I figure it is about time that I finally post it somewhere. This fish was caught at my lake cottage in Angola,IN on Crooked Lake, by me and my friend Adam Breneman.

We were at the cottage with my dad on 6/19/07 and we had a fishing pole that we had rigged with with a treble hook and a lump of Danny King's Catfish Bait. We were walking around outside when we heard a scrape on our dock, so we ran out and I grabbed the pole. I started reeling and after about 15 minutes I finally had the fish in close enough that Adam could land it with a net.

The fish was huge! But our first assumption was that it was a channel catfish, so we took a moment of glory and then released it. It was 10:56 pm when we caught it and it was around 8 pounds and 2 feet in length.

We then took a look at the pic we took and realized that it wasn't a channel catfish but a yellow bullhead. We did a little research and found that our fish would have trumped all other records across the world. That was a sad day, but ever since we have been trying for another big one.

  Thanks For Listening

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