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Catching Big Santee Cooper Cats

Alan Rigg has learned how to catch big cats on Santee Cooper


By Alan Rigg

I guess i'm one of the lucky ones.I live in SC 1 hour from Santee Cooper Lakes.I'm an avid catfish fisherman. My wife and I bought a pontoon boat just for Santee,we have 10 6/0 penn rod and reels for the monster cats sometimes we'll catch 4 or 5 a night anywhere from 30 to 86 pounds a piece.We have had nights that we have caught a lot more but we average 4 or 5 a night.

I spent alot of days and nights trying to learn to catch the big ones. Finally I know how and where to catch them year around. June,July and August are the easiest months though. We normally use live bream 5 to 10 inches long or whole herring if they are 5 to 10 inches long even dead the flatheads will hit them as long as they are whole.

If the flatheads aren't biting the blues are we catch them mostly on cut bait. They love bluegill heads though. Right now the best fishing at Santee is in the canal between the two lakes for the next 3 months. Its also great out on the lakes drifting for the big ones.

Good Luck Fishing,

See a picture of one of Alan's big cats in the link below.

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