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Joe Booker's Big Flint River Catfish

Joe Booker's Big Flint River Flathead


Big Georgia Flathead Catfish

Joe caught this big flathead on the Flint River in Georgia

Joe Booker
Joe Booker says: "There are a few big kitty's on the Flint...This one was 37 1/2 lbs. We took a couple more that were 33 and 28.... "

"We call it summer-time fishing.....We start with a can of red wigglers and some ultra-lite gear. Catch a few nice blue-gill; rig with free weight and let them swim in the deep holes on the Flint north of Albany, GA. Just sit back, tell a few stories and wait to hear the clickers play their tunes."

I am actually from the North Atlanta area myself but when my good friends from Albany introduced me to the big kitties, I have become obsessed. Now all my business trips include over-nite stays, most of which is spent on the Flint seeking out another big App. Just good ole Southern fishing!!!! Wet a hook!"

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