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Ultralight Carp Fishing

Shawn Landed Then Lost A Carp

By Shawn

Here is my best ultra light story but it didn’t have a happy ending.

I had bought a quantum quick fire combo. I had started to fish at night with my led headlight because the bass were tearing up my storm wiggle wart. I was also getting good hits on my Mepps Black Fury when I buzzed it across the pond. I think I had my reel spooled with 4lb test (this was actually the trip which made me search out braid).

I was buzzing the surface when something hit hard! At first I thought I had a snag…then suddenly my line ripped from my reel.I love that sound! After about 30 ft I managed to work whatever I had in some but only for it to take off again about 15ft from the shore.

By this time my son was standing next to me and both our hearts were pounding! This fight went on for about 20 minutes. Finally I was able to wear the beast down and got him to shore as I grabbed the line and pulled it out of the water. We still didn’t know what it was (I would find it later to be a carp).

Once I heaved it out of the water it got of the hook by way of straightening out two of the hooks on the treble mepps. It landed on the ground and both of us were frantically grabbing for some type of hold on the fish.

Well sadly it flopped back into the water and my son and I just sat there wide eyed and mouths open. We were in shock not that the beast got away but by the great fight it had given us. Even though it was a carp.

Well that carp has made me evolve to Suffix performance braid and I am currently buying a 2nd ultra light set this time an Okuma Inspira reel with 12 ball bearings.

Even though carp fishing is more cast and wait I plan on fishing for them because it was the fight of my life! It gets no better than fishing ultra light And this time I plan on landed the beast and getting a picture!

Check out pictures of Shawn with some of his ultralight fish.

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