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Bream Fishing

Bream fishing information on the net - about all kinds of sunfish.

There Are Many Different Kinds of Bream
There are many kinds of bream.

Bedding Bream Memories
I have some great memories of catching bream on the bed

Baiting Bluegill
An unusual way to bait a hole for bluegill.

Bedding Time for Bream
When bream are bedding you can catch several kinds.

Fishing for Sunfish In Lakes
You can catch a lot of sunfish in lakes

Green Sunfish Fact Sheet
Green sunfish are common in much of the US and are good to eat.

Bluegill are fun to catch and bite most every bait you can use.

Shellcracker Fishing
Catching shellcracker bream is a lot of fun and they are good to eat, too.

Sunfish Pictures - Bluegill, Shellcracker, Redbreast and more
These sunfish were caught by readers of fishing.about.com - send in your pictures of sunfish including bluegill, shellcracker, redbreast and others.

Bitchin' Fishing Bream Fishing
Check out the types of bream you can catch, how to catch them and how to cook them after catching them.

Bream and Sunfish Identification
What kind of fish did you or your kid just catch? With these cards you will know!

Bream Are For Everyone
Bream are great fishing quarry, and everyone can have fun catching them.

Australian Bream Picture
See what Australian fish look like, especially the freshwater bream

South Carolina Record Shellcracker
Story of how the record was caught - it is only two ounces under the world record.

Fishing For Bream
Information on fishing for bream

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