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Bowfin Fish

By Robert Fisher

Small bowfi

I caught this small bowfin while bass fishing

Ronnie Garrison
My dad and I were fishing in a pond in Texas and caught a bowfin, some old guy told us they were called, "Cotton Eyed Joe" and Grinnel.

They die hard, it flopped around in the freezer for about 2 hours before we filayed it, and the eyes would just follow your movment anywhere in the kitchen after it was severed. What was more unnerving than that was the steaks were twitching and curling on the cutting board after they had been cut in the perfect squares for grilling.

Obviously no one told us about nailing it to a plank and throwing it on the fire then eating the plank.

I actually loved the fish, it was a little tough but it no tougher than a beef steak. We put a dab of butter on them while over the fire, they were still twitching, and the butter soaks right into the meat. Pretty good fish steak if you ask me.

Yes they fight like hell, he was trying to bite us after we got him on shore and getting him on shore was an awesome fight. It was about 3 feet in length weighing about 15 lbs I'd say. Ugly!

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