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Steve Latimer Caught This 54 Inch Gar

Big Gar Caught on a Gargetter Lure


Steve Latimer with Gar

Steve Latimer caught this big gar on a Gargetter lure.

Terry Smith
From Terry Smith:

"Steve Latimer has his hands full holding up this 54" long nose gar.

Steve, an avid fisherman usually targets long nose gars when enjoying his sport. He caught this gargantuan gar while fishing on the Coosa River in northeast Alabama using a lure that has NO HOOKS.

Long nose gars are major predators, and within a large portion of their range they are over-abundant. They are over-looked and under-appreciated by most fishermen. However, these hard fighting fish are easily caught using the appropriate tackle, proper techniques, and the right lure. Long nose gars offer anglers more excitement, and more fish catching opportunities. Just ask Steve!!!"

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