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World Record Bass

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In downtown Jacksonville Georgia, just north of the intersection of highways 441 and 117 is this sign with info about the world record bass. Jacksonville is a small town and this is the only marker there about the catch.

picture by Ronnie Garrison

On the big sign is a picture of the bait the bass was caught on, a Creek Chub Wiggle Fish Perch Scale #2401.  Not sure why the disclaimer is added after the discription.

picture by Ronnie Garrison

Here is a picture of George Perry with another big bass.  I am pretty sure no pictures of the record were taken.  

picture by Ronnie Garrison

This picture shows Perry's family with a replica of the record. I saw this replica at the Atlanta Boat Show - it was impressive!

picture by Ronnie Garrison

The picture of Montgomery Lake is hard to see. It is a narrow oxbow that is full of stumps and logs, and surrounded by trees draped with Spanish moss.  The lake is still there, according to some locals I talked with, but no open to the river any more.  I understand it has also filled in a lot and is even more shallow than when Perry caught the record from it.

picture by Ronnie Garrison

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