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Pictures and information about Pam Martin-Wells fishing at Lake Seminole

Pam Martin-Wells Fishing Lake Seminole


I got a chance to fish at Lake Seminole with Pam Martin-Wells in December. Pam is a professional bass fisherman and has won more money on the tournament trails than any other woman. She won the first BASS Women’s Bassmaster Tour on Lewisville Lake in Texas. She and her husband Steve guide on Lake Seminole when they are not on the tournament trail.

Pam won the points standings on the Woman's Bass Tour in 2009 and qualified as the second woman to fish the Bassmasters Classic.

Pam has several sponsors including Wingates Lunker Lodge on Seminole, Wave Worms, Tru Tungsten, Stay N Charge battery charging system, Costa Del Mar sunglasses, Lowrance electronic equipment and Mustang Survival gear.

Pam plans on fishing all the Women’s Bassmaster Tour in 2006 as well as some tournaments on Lake Seminole.

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Pam Martin-Wells Fishing the Spring Creek Channel at Lake SeminolePam Martin-Wells Fishing Lake SeminolePam Martin-Wells Fishing a Water Hyacinth Bed at Lake SeminolePam Martin-Wells & HyacinthsPam Martin-Wells Fishing with an Eagle At Lake SeminolePam Martin-Wells & EaglePam Martin-Wells with A Big Lake Seminole BassPam Martin-Wells & Largemouth
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