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Spring Time Bass Fishing Skills

Skills You Need For Spring Time Bass Fishing


Nice Lake Guntersville Mid-April Bass

Nice Lake Guntersville Mid-April Bass

2009 Captain Mike Gerry, licensed to About.com
No matter what time of year you are targeting largemouth bass, lure placement and good casting skills are a big part of catching fish. In the spring you could be targeting spawning beds, as we are today, or maybe the top water bite, as it requires precise targeting of cover or wood or points. You must be able to place your bait so you can hit the most productive area that you are fishing, place it where it will be most effective.

Long casts are also a must when fishing in the spring since the water warms in the springtime on the top rather than the bottom. The fish will position next to the warming top of the water. Therefore a long cast keeps your bait near the top for a longer period of time and hence in the strike zone longer.

Lure speed plays an important role in good effective casting and retrieving techniques. In cold water when the fish are lethargic a slow retrieve is imperative. When the fish are bedding a slow moving bait that you can shake and twitch plays a big part in catching a good fish.

Lastly making contact with the bottom or grass or wood is extremely important in getting a bite. A lure that ticks the structure will deflect and move and become a target for the feeding bass.

If you are going to catch bass in the spring you must be effective enough with many skills, from casting to lure placement, to produce bass the way you want to. I talk to many people weekly about the skills involved in bass fishing. The first thing they tell me is that they didn't realize bass fishing was that technical.

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