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Understanding Spinner Baits

How Spinnerbaits Work


Nice Winter Guntersville Bass

Nice Winter Guntersville Bass

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Over the many years I have been guiding, I find that many of my customers that want to learn to spinner baits fish lack one main thing; they don’t understand the dynamics of spinner baits. I have found that if you can understand how it works and what can be changed to better utilize it, the more fish you will catch.

The first thing is that they are reaction baits. This is very important because if you use one expecting it to catch fish in all situations without adjusting what you are doing then you probably don’t catch many bass with it. The key to reaction baits are getting them to cause a reaction bite, you do this by using your wrist.

A movement of the wrist creates a movement in the bait, although there is a time a place for just a constant retrieve of spinner baits most of my bites come when I am using my wrist to change the reaction of the spinner bait. Wrist movement combined with some stop and go retrieve with a high speed reel causes the bait to stop, flutter, change direction and appear to bounce off of the bottom or grass. It is this type of constant reaction type retrieving that catches fish most of the time with spinner baits.

The next important thing is to understand the effect of the blades. Spinner baits come with a variety of blades, you have dual willow, dual Colorado’s combinations of each and singles of each. These all cause a different action and effect when fished. I think its pretty simple to break it down, when you have a Colorado blade, whether it be as a single or in a combination or as a dual you will get more vibration, willow leaf blades have less. The next to remember is single blades run deeper than dual bladed models and they helicopter down when stopped easier.

The last issue is roll over, if your spinner baits roll over, throw them away, they won’t catch fish. This is why I prefer Punisher Lures spinner baits they do not roll over, they have extremely sharp hooks and they catch fish.

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