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Skeet Reese Profile

Bass Pro Skeet Reese


Skeet Reese

Skeet Reese is a professional bass fisherman. He is the 2007 BASS Elite Series Angler of the Year and an 8-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier. Reese lives in Auburn, Calif and is sponsored by:

Lamiglas rods,
Abu Garcia,
Wiley X Eyewear,
Motor Guide,
Lucky Craft
and Fish Hedz

Articles by Skeet Reese:

  • Bait Scents For Cold Water
    Putting scents on baits can make it more attractive to cold water bass and make them more likely to hit. Skeet tells why he uses scented baits in cold water and how he uses them.

  • Deep Water Fishing

    Skeet tells how he catches bass in deep water. He discusses the idea that deep water varies from lake to lake then gives tips and tackle to catch fish deep on all lakes.

  • Shallow Water Fishing

    Skeet tells how he catches bass in shallow water. His explanation of places to fish and lures to use should help you catch more bass.

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