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Articles On Lake Guntersville From Captain Mike Gerry

Captain Mike Gerry On Fishing Lake Guntersville


Nice Lake Guntersville Summer Bass

Nice Lake Guntersville Summer Bass

2009 Captain Mike Gerry, licensed to About.com
Captain Mike Gerry

Mike lives in Alabama and guides on Lake Guntersville. He posts a weekly fishing report here on Guntersville conditions that will help you if you go fishing there. Booking a guide trip with him will show you first-hand how he catches bass there. Email him at bassguide@comcast.net or call him at 256-759-2270 to book a trip.

Articles by Captain Mike Gerry:

  • Fishing Guntersville As It Ages
    Captain Mike says Guntersville is changing as it ages so you must adapt your fishing to find and catch them. This should work on any aging lake.
  • Shallow January Bass
    Captain Mike says you can catch bass, and might catch your biggest ever, by fishing shallow water in January
  • Tungsten Fishing Weights
    Captain Mike says tungsten weights will give you more sensitivity and help your fishing in other ways, too.
  • Pitching and Flipping
    Captain Mike explains some of the differences between pitching and flipping and when you should do each. Learn when to flip and when to pitch and you will catch more bass.
  • Fishing Jigging Spoons For Schooling Bass
    Schooling bass can be caught with jigging spoons this time of year.
  • Fishing Big Spoons For Bass
    Some of the BASS Elite Series anglers are using a new fishing method of casting big spoons to catch bass.
  • Fishing Grass Beds with Crankbaits
    Throwing a crankbait around grass seems to be counterproductive, but it produces big catches. In the BASS Elite Series tournament on Guntersville the top two fishermen landed 20 bass limits weighing over 100 pounds in four days.
  • Fishing Humps
    Captain Mike says the bass move to the humps and you can catch them in a variety of ways.
  • When Bass Move To The Ledges
    Captain Mike tells how bass make annual movements to the ledges where you can catch them.
  • Time To Get To The Wood For Fishing
    Captain Mike says bass are on the wood on Guntersville and that is where to go to catch them. He offers some tips on finding good wood, how to fish it and which baits to use.
  • Roseberry Creek Spraying Issue
    Captain Mike has strong feelings about spraying to kill the grass in Roseberry Creek.
  • Lure Selection Based On Depth and Speed
    The depth you want to fish and the speed you need to fish are two important factors to consider when picking a lure to use.
  • Finding Big Bass
    Big bass are different from average size bass and there are things you can do to increase your odds of catching them. Captain Mike Gerry offers some tips on catching big bass on Lake Guntersville that could help you wherever you fish.
  • Its Spinnerbait Time
    Spinnerbait time is one of Captain Mike's favorite times of the year to be on the water. Some big fish hit spinnerbaits this time of year.
  • Learn To Read The Lake Bottom
    Captain Mike says you will catch more bass if you learn to read the subtle bottom changes.
  • Fishing Stumps In The Spring
    Captain Mike likes to target stumps in the spring with jigs and spinnerbaits.
  • Big Rattle Baits For Late Winter
    Captain Mike says a big rattle bait works great in late winter and suggests how to fish one.
  • Tips On Fishing A Rattle Bait
    Captain Mike explains how to fish a rattle bait and which rod and line will give it better action.
  • Swimming A Jig
    Captain Mike tells how to swim a jig for bass, where it works best and when to change what you are using.
  • Ideal Set-up For A Carolina Rig
    Captain Mike explains how to choose leader lenght, sinker weight and bait size on a Carolina rig.
  • More Information On Fishing Mud Lines
    As a follow-up on fishing mud lines, Captain Mike tells what a horizontal mud line is and how to find them.
  • Understanding Spinnerbaits
    Captain Mike says you will catch more bass on spinnerbaits if you understand how they work. This will help you use them more effectively.
  • Fishing Muddy Water
    Captain Mike gives some tips on fishing muddy water. They work on Guntersville and will work on the lakes you fish.
  • Advantages of Flat Sided Crankbaits
    Captain Mike Gerry lists some advantages of flat sided crankbaits and why you should use them in the early spring.
  • Fishing After The Winter Solstice
    Captain Mike Gerry says the fishing starts getting better as soon as the days start getting longer so now is a great time to head to the lake. Guntersville is a good place to find big bas moving in and feeding with the future spawn in mind.
  • Recoil Rig - Something New In Fishing
    Captain Mike says the Recoil Rig from Secret Weapon Lures offers interesting pissibilities for catching bass at Lake Guntersville and other places.
  • Fishing A spinnerbait In The Winter
    Captain Mike says winter time is the right time to fish a spinnerbait, especially at Lake Guntersville. The lake record was caught in the winter on a spinnnerbait and Mike thinks another record could be set this winter. His methods and baits might help you catch a big bass on your lake, too.
  • Winter Fishing Tips For Lake Guntersville
    Fishing in the winter can be tough on Lake Guntersville but Captain Mike Gerry offers some tips for finding cold water bass there. Mike guides on the lake and his tips for finding bass there will work on other similar lakes, too.
  • Jigging Spoons To Catch Bass
    Captain Gerry says we often forget about jigging spoons but they are great baits. Here are some tips on using them to catch bass

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